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    Trading password

    Trading password


    TX Rules

    TER TX Rules

    1、Trading Hours 24 hour

    2、Trading Fees

         Buy: 0.1%    Sell: 0.1%

    Min quantity: 10

    Max quantity: 10000000

    {"WARING_CHANGE":"After the change of safety information, it is not allowed to withdraw within 24 hours","CANCEL_FIAL":"Withdrawal Unsuccessful","NET_ERROR":"Network Failure","TRUST_STATUS_ALL":"All Transactions","TRUST_STATUS_PART":"Partial Transactions","TRUST_STATUS_NO":"Not sold","TRUST_STATUS_CANCEL":"Revoked","TRUST_STATUS_FIND":"Inquiry","INPUT_NEED_VALID":"Please enter a valid number greater than 0.00000001 but less than 1.","FLOATNUM_A":"Price should be given as the following example: 0<?<1","FLOATNUM_B":"Decimal ","MAX_TRADE_NUM":"Maximum TX","MIN_TRADE_NUM":"Minimum TX","AMOUNT_MAX":"Maximum","TRADE_BUY_IN":"Buy","TRADE_SELL_OUT":"Sell","TRADE_CANCEL":"Cancel","OPEN_SOON":"Coming Soon","LOADING":"loading...","TRADE_AREA_TITLE":"Trade","PRICE_HOLDE":"Input Price","NUMBER_HOLDE":"Input Amount","TRADE_MIN":"The transaction amount cannot be less than","TRADE_MAX":"The transaction amount cannot be more than","BUY_OVER":"Exceeding the maximum funds to transfer,please check it and input again ","SELL_OVER":"Exceeding the maximum funds to transfer,please check it and input again please check it and input again"}
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