• DOBI trading platform open API

    The application can obtain assets, transactions and other data by calling the API provided by the DOBI open platform. It must be authorized by DOBI before use because it involves data privacyAuthorization(get after login), you can call the API

    Common parameters


    Production environment

    HTTP Request Headers

    ParameterIs it requiredDescriptionExample
    Content-typeTureFixed:application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
    Accept-Languagezh:Chineses,en:English, default (Chinese)en

    Common parameters request

    ParameterTypesIs it requiredMaximum lengthDescriptionExample
    accessKeyStringTure32API access secret key64e744a3314033c67876846be192f64b
    timestampStringTure10Unix timestamp1517068800
    versionStringTure3Interface version, fixed to1.01.0
    signStringTure32Request signature string, see for details: Signature1517068800

    Common response parameter

    statusInt0 failed 1 successful 2 error1
    msgStringReturn status descriptionSuccessful operation
    dataStringRequest response data{"key": "value"}

    Signature algorithm

    (The following is a complete example)

    Step 1. Sort the key of the parameter in Ascii ascending order

                  "accessKey": "4900201404d07078fae624c186a79bc7",
                  "market": "mcc_btc",
                  "number": "2",
                  "price": "0.032",
                  "timestamp": "1525314907",
                  "type": "buy",
                  "version": "1.0",

    Step 2, assembling into a string, and doing URL-encode (otherwise special characters will cause the signature to fail), get a queryString example:


    Step 3. Encrypt the secret key (example value: fe01ce2a7fbac8fafaed7c982a04e229) and the queryString with the HMAC-SHA1 algorithm to obtain a signature string, for example: