• About us

    DOBI Trading Platform is a global cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platform.

    We are committed to providing the safest, most convenient and professional currency trading and OTC trading services to our global customers. The DOBI platform was built on the basis of the early blockchain system.

    The DOBI team consists of top professionals from the international digital currency industry, including diverse professionals in the fields of finance, social, gaming, artificial intelligence, asset management and e-commerce.

    It will continue to provide a safe, stable and quality trading experience for DOBI users.

    • fast

      DOBI provides real-time updated market services.

      Such as the latest industry information, currency price fluctuations, project dynamics, etc.

      Let users grasp the latest market trends more quickly and provide more accurate judgment basis for investment decisions;

      The volume of transactions that can process tens of thousands of times per second is far ahead in the industry;

      Provide users with an unprecedented fast coin-collecting experience.

    • High liquidity

      DOBI users come from more than 100 countries around the world.

      Trading is actively working with the world's top blockchain companies;

      Only list cryptocurrencies that are reliable and have a strong community base.

    • International bank security standards

      DOBI has top-level risk control and anti-fraud technology;

      Develop an intelligent security system in all aspects;

      Unbreakable user data encryption technology.